Protection Dogs, Are They?

  • Protection Dogs, Are They?

    Posted by Ed on March 13, 2022 at 7:46 AM

    I do not know if we will do protection work with the new dog. He is 9 months and all I’m focusing on is that he is functionally competent for life in a human world, and trying not impair his self-confidence development as best as I can. We are also doing agility with the troop, meaning all 3 dogs. We have a blast. As his 1-year anniversary approaches I’ll have to make a decision regarding protection training.

    We definitely do not want that to become a lifestyle. Our formal training is limited to 30-40 mins a day, and that includes all 3 dogs. Plus we skip it at times. That works well for agility as we have zero intention to compete — no way I’ll be traveling for that. The sport gives them the ability to achieve things, be proud, maintain a healthy weight, and have good body awareness/mechanics.

    There are a couple of protection instructors we can go to. I have not had a serious conversation with any of them, but they are quite expensive. That plus the time commitment gives me a lot of pause.

    I think that 99.99% of the “protection” work is looking or sounding fierce enough for the bad guy to go after easier prey. My dogs already do that. It was like that when I had 2, and now with 3 (2 rotties and a pit) the deterrence factor for the casual bad-guy-to-be is as high as its gonna get.

    For the 0.01% of the times that follow thru would be the thing, well, over here in NJ you better hope that the incident took place in your property and the intruder was trespassing. This is not legal advice, but AFAIK that is the only situation the dog, and your finances, have a chance. However, “having trained them to be attack dogs”, and that is the language the attorneys will use, may affect that.

    So the benefit of protection training, I think, would be to put better controls around the dog’s drives in a formal and structured manner. Plus teaching him/her to commit in the 0.01% odd chance that is needed. However, it does come with a big time and financial commitment and possibly a huge liability.


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  • Austin

    March 13, 2022 at 8:39 AM

    I’m pretty much in the same boat. Not sure if I want to do protection training or not. With 2 rotties and a pit I really don’t think any one person is going to be able to get in AND out of your house in one piece. I have no doubt Hank has my back; as I do his. That being said protection training (might?) be able to save the offenders life (if you’re interested in that) and save you some grief because the dogs are conditioned to respond to commands when in fight mode. I do think that if I do protection training I’ll do it myself. I’d worry too much about how he is being treated, and miss my buddy too much to send to a stranger.

    When I’m out walking I carry a knife and conceal carry a pistol. I’m in a stand your ground state so if what would have to be a crazed lunatic were to come at us I’ll intervene before Hank gets himself in trouble (that is if I see it coming). I’m not the kind of guy that looks for trouble or wants trouble; I just always like to be prepared and walk in silent strength.

    Like you I mostly want him to be a well balanced, happy, healthy dog that can function in society.

    Might be a good question for AMA.

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