Member Questions 12-14-21

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Robert, how do you get impulse control? Basically, I want to only allow my dog to play with a tug/ball on command or release word. How can I discourage him from going on toys? Constant prong pressure when he bites and holds it, release pressure on his release of the item? I want to be able to wave it around him and him not going to pursue it. If corrections are used for this, can I do the same with fetch? I throw the ball, correct if he goes to pursue it, only allow him to pursue on command?


Hi, Lyla is 5 month old GSD. Not sure who her person is in our family (I thought it was me) – I am the one who feed her, spend more time with her. but if my son plays with her, she ignores my commands, and follows him. So is my son her person? Thank you!

oldsap Charlie

Hi Robert & Janet. I have an 8 month old JRT. Got her at 4 mos old. I hand fed her from the start. I have been training her basic obedience but until now she only knows sit, touch, and down. BUT she only will do those for a second or 2. She can predict my next moves while training even if I vary them. Can’t really correct her too firmly because she is very sensitive to corrections verbal and physical. She is very jittery too. What’s the best way to teach her? Thank you and God bless.

Rahul P

Hi Robert, I am getting a Malinois Puppy in January 2022 and would like to be well prepared with toys, accessories and more importantly the Foundation Training Plan….. can you suggest a way forward. Thanks in advance 🙂


We have mostly recovered from the attack of my 4yr old female gsd and 3 1/2 mo. male gsd. Puppy is now barking at everything, or nothing every time we go out the door. I use a soft martingale, but fear there is to much correction when I try to redirect him at the end of the long line. Food, or excitement luring most times doesn’t work when he’s really disengaged. We train 10-15 min. 2-3 times a day. Am I training/expecting to much to soon? I started luring shaping the day I got him, 8 weeks old.


We’re teaching my 12 week old Mal not to jump on things. The issue is when I go to remove him from the object after he doesn’t obey “off”, and either move him off or take him by the collar, he growls and snaps at me and has bit me hard enough to draw blood. Grabbing his collar is specifically problematic. This problem has gotten worse because he knows I’m taking him away from it. We calmly tell him no and into the crate. We try to prevent these situations. What else can we do?

Greg K

` My 3 year old GSD can tend to be a little overprotective of me, and during the live member chat you suggested that he needs more structure. I was hoping you could expound on that for me. He is real good at obedience but inside my car, or sometimes in public, when someone approaches me, he can be reactive/protective of me. Please advise.


Hey, when working with an dominant aggressive dog and he stares at another dog, do you correct the staring itself when it happens or you just recall him and then correct the recall itself if he doesn’t do it? Since if you correct starting, you will have to correct him constantly because he will continue to do it. Is it better to allow him to stare and then correct for not listening commands or if he pursues to attack? Desensitization process but with allowing staring or you handle it differently?


Making some progress with my 3 month old English Staffy, but still a long way to go. We live in a city, and our biggest issue is recall and getting her be most interested in me on our walks. I’ve been watching the puppy lessons on luring and rewarding with treats, but my dog’s drive gets too playful and she becomes very jumpy, and bites the hand holding the treat. I want to be able to do this, but her behavior makes it difficult. Am I doing something wrong?

Trina H

My Malinois puppy isn’t enjoying walks. When we walk the leash is nice and loose however he jumps up on me and nips and sometimes won’t let go of my clothing. It seems he is frustrated and I am unsure what I am doing incorrectly to promote this behavior. Noises do seem to be a trigger for him. Thank you


Hi! I have a 6 month old female malinois. She is generally well behaved and is not aggressive towards humans or other dogs in public. However, recently she has started to show aggression while riding in elevators (I live on a high floor). I always have her in a sit next to me, but sometimes if a person comes in making noise or speaks to her she goes crazy barking, I do correct her, but most times the person will run out before she stops. How do I acclimate her and prevent her barking?

Nicholle R

hi!! I have been watching your videos for months and just joined. I have a 10month old Mal/Dutch male pup/ i have had a hard time finding the right trainer and he just came back from a 3 week board and train. I want his recall and obedience to be spot on and best as they can be. where do you suggest i start with your training since he is already out of the “puppy stage”

Autumn S

Hello! I have a 9 week old Malinois. He is doing AMAZING with the first training video. However I do have a quick question. I know it’s normal especially for his breed to mouth, but when we play with him he nips at us (ie running or even just standing there he’ll nip) is there a way to redirect his nipping? I have lots of toys and chewing items, should I just not be running with him?


My dog lives in my yard and has access to the house but prefers to be outside. while I’m home he doesn’t show any signs of neediness whatsoever. the problem starts when I leave the house, as soon as I pass by the gate towards the street, he starts to bark, howl and whimper so loud it sounds like he is being slaughtered. sometimes he stops after a few minutes, sometimes more.

That being said, there are some cases when he doesn’t mind when I leave but I have been unable to point out why.

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