Free Dog Training Videos

Enjoy the videos below as an introduction to my style of dog training. I think you’re gonna really like what you see, I think it’s really going to help you understand your dog better!

1. Teach Your Dog COME

Come is the most important thing you will teach your puppy, and you want to do it in a fun and motivational way. In this video meet Nancy who had a big scare with her dog Ozzy a few weeks ago. She could not get Ozzy to COME when she called him no matter what.

In this video, you’ll see Ozzy learn the come command in just a few minutes without any corrections or force. This is a simple lesson that can be taught to almost any dog and almost any age. But it must be reinforced and that can be done through games. The basic lesson is super easy, fun and fair for your puppy or dog to learn. In this video you’ll see the dog grasp the concept in less than 6 minutes.

2. Teach Your Puppy STAY

Teaching your puppy to STAY is a foundational obedience training exercise that every dog should know. Teaching it at the puppy stage might seem like more work, but it will be a big payoff when the puppy grows into a dog. I teach every puppy the command of STAY by using an implied STAY. That is I don’t teach the puppy FREE or the release. I explain and demonstrate this in this video.

3. Teach Your Puppy DOWN

I consider the DOWN the basic obedience command and it is the very FIRST thing I want to teach my puppy or dog.  A dog that has a proper DOWN can easily do any other position including SIT and STAND and transition between these command easily.

Teaching the DOWN first gives the dog the tools to do it from standing or walking.  It’s important to understand that I don’t teach the “crawling down” which many pet dog trainers teach, this is SIT and then crawl into the DOWN position, I teach the DOWN from a standing position.  This is the easiest and most clear way to teach a dog to go down.  If you’re lucky enough to start with a puppy, you have a clean slate.  If you have a dog with some older habits, make a fun game of it and teach it my way!

4. Teach Your Dog to SIT

The SIT is the most basic command that just about every dog in the world knows.  In fact SIT is such a basic command that most dogs know how to sit without ever being taught.  The mistake many people make is that they teach SIT before DOWN and this can create sloppy problems later.

5. Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT

Leave it, or as it is sometimes called, YUK or PHOOEY is critical for a dog to learn clearly and fairly… But it must be absolute. I think the biggest mistake dog trainers make is that they teach the dog “LEAVE IT” and then they release the dog to GET exactly what they previously asked the dog to LEAVE.  I believe LEAVE IT is just that… Leave it and don’t ever touch it.

This will come in extremely handy if your dog has a habit of picking things up on walks or in your house.  Leave it is one of the most important things I teach every dog I train.

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