Member Questions 12-7-21

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Gabriele M

Hi Robert, I have just watched your video on How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby. It is perfect timing since I am going to have a baby in February. You have mentioned that dogs should always be on a level lower than the baby. My 2 year well trained lab is used to be on the sofa with me and my husband. Should I teach her that she is no longer allowed to be on the sofa or does it mean that she is not allowed on the sofa only if the baby is in my arms on the sofa?


Hello there Ropert how are you? i need your help. I got a male 4m old Belgian mal. I rescued him from someone’s backyard. He isnt aggressive w/ me but when on walks he aggressively barks at everything, people, dogs, cars constant barking with growl, lunging and trying to bite when people walk by. I dont trust him. Its pretty clear that he wasn’t properly socialized. Is he gonna change or should i rehome him while he’s still young. TY 🙂

He is very smart, i trained him the basic commands so far

T Marie

Hi Robert, I have a 17 week old corso puppy that has resource guarding issues. It is mostly with items he is not supposed to have, i.e. toilet paper rolls, paper towels, rocks etc. I am working with a trainer that has been having us use a dominant approach, such as pinning him down until he submits when he growls at us for trying to take the item away. I do not agree with this and feel it has made his behavior worse. Trainer said absolutely no trade offs for the item. I want to do what is right.

Brian S

I’ve watched your video on fitting Maya with a prong collar and placing it behind her ears and under her jaw. Our lab has a lot of extra skin under his neck and in order to keep the prong (and e-collar) in a similar position it pulls that skin up somewhat. It doesn’t choke him but want to make sure I’m fitting it properly. Should those collars be positioned the same for Labs? Perhaps you could show it on Dwayno Meter sometime (apologies if misspelled).

Lisa J

Hi, I am a disabled wheelchair user and am owner training my 8 month old Labrador to be my assistance dog. I need to teach him to settle and do nothing, just relax on his settle mat and switch off. I have searched the videos for relax, settle etc but can’t find anything that would help me to train Hunter to switch off from everything. It’s a behaviour I need for hospital, doctor, school appointments or visiting a cafe, restaurant etc. can you help? Thank you. Lisa and Hunter


My friends golden doodle is 2. I previously asked about a bark collar helping for whining in the car and you said no, so I’d like to see what you recommend to help. My limited knowledge is in addition to the car whining, She follows him in the house He does ecollar training and when he works on distance and duration she whines. Is this separation anxiety and/or low confidence? If so what tips do you offer for separation anxiety and building confidence in a dog. Thank you!


Hey Robert, is it common for a dog to make “mini bites” at air out of arousal when playing tug/ball on a rope? Like she awaits to bite tug so she does that, never seen that before. It sounds like when humans are cold and we do the thing with our teeth. She doesn’t have any condition or any bad associations with tug/ball, just a weird thing she does when biting is involved. Second, she also puts her paw in the food bowl to stop it from moving when eating, is that common or she’s rarely smart?


1. During our loose leash walk I give my reactive GSD his food when he looks up to me especially when he fixates smth but then decides to look back to me. Is that okay or should I not use food while loose leash walking? 2. He is dog reactive but also fixates people from distance bc he, I think, assumes that a dog is with them. As soon as the people are close and he realizes that there is no dog, he interrupts the fixation and walks past them without a problem. Can I do smth about that Fixation?

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