Member Questions – 7/06/21

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My 6 .5 month old Gsd has been wearing the ecollar for about 2 weeks now without turning it on.

1) Is he too young to be introduced to it?

2) Should I pair a word like hey with the stim?

3) Watched the Rio e collar intro videos, amazing lesson but Will always keeping him close to me because my space is his safe space and the end of leash is stims from collar make the dog clingy or less confident? Not sure yet if I will get him to do any sport because not many facilities here in India that I know


I have a friend that is a registered nurse and professional dog trainer. She said prong collars are dangerous and over time damage the dogs spine. She said she’s even seen some dogs die from spine issues from use of prong collars. Is it actually true they’re damaging? I have a hard time believing that with proper use it will hurt a dog. But she since she’s a nurse AND dog trainer, she has a better idea about what she’s talking about than the regular dog owner. Curious to hear your thoughts.


Getting a 8-week old Rottie pup shortly. We expect him to be a hard dog with insane drive. If we want to channel all of that towards protection sports, is there anything that should be done differently than what we see in the puppy series? Thanks!!


Robert – My 15 month Mal/GSD is starting to regress with his reactivity to dogs on walks. He has gotten SO much better since he was a puppy and we got to the point where I stopped worrying about his reactivity to dogs on walks. Small dogs would yap it him and he would just walk right by. However over the past few weeks certain dogs send him into a FRENZY. I can heal him and change directions but sometimes nothing works. Could this be because he is male and not neutered? Not sure what to do…


I have a 6-month old puppy named Tacoma. Right now we’re working on building duration and distance for various commands, such as sits and downs. In a video, you said that most commands had an implied “stay”. In another video you said that one of the most common mistakes is to recall from stay. Is it okay to ask my puppy to sit or lie down, move away, and then ask her to come? How can I prevent her from anticipating a recall when we’re working at a distance?


Hello Robert, please, what’s the proper/right time frame as to when to apply/switch to “no reward unless the dog gets the command right on the first try”? Duane was like… 6-7 months old in the clip I saw it applied on him (I believe).

Soon, I’ll be getting my own puppy. And first and foremost, I want to be fair to him and yes, I get that I definitely can’t apply this on an 8week old goofball. The question, however, is WHEN’s the proper & FAIR time to introduce that? Thanks in advance!

Naomi K

After starting using a prong collar following your advice, my 1 yo GSD mix doesn’t bark or lunge at other dogs on walks any more. But now after passing by a dog, she starts biting her leash excitedly. Trying to correct her will make her more excited. So I move her along while she’s biting the leash and put her in obedience to calm her down. I tried “yo-yo” method, but still she does the same after passing by a dog. Any suggestions? Thanks for helping me to give her a good life!

oldsap C

In this video my 1.5 yr old Mal was aggressive towards 1 particular person only. I’m the one with the black shirt/eyeglasses. I held his scruff and said no and I told him to go DOWN, he did and was again neutral towards that same person. He is in protection training now and I’m wondering if the black shirt (decoy uses black bite suit) triggered him or is it the eye contact . Could my correction interfere with his training progress? Thank you and God bless Robert.

Wendy A

I am almost 70 and 5’7 I owned a pit bull 3 yrs ago for 12 yrs. I have had 4 rotties and a lab/Dane who is now 7 yrs old. I am not a trainer but have common sense to know how to train them. So please don’t put old ladies in a group where u dont include little old men.mi am referring to your July video. Did I mention I do weights and yoga classes 3 days a week with 15 lb. weights! Can you please not say who can and can’t raise a dog?


Hello Robert, it’s been a while since i bring my 8-9 month old mal to the park with other dogs but she still keeps barking and lunging to some other dogs and i give him a pop on the choke chain or grab the scruff of his neck and say no every time he does that but it looks embarrassing or they might see me as abusive because he does not keep quiet until i let him go near the dogs. Any tips on what would be the right thing to do in this situation?


Hi Robert, I have a 5 year old Beagle who is afraid of water/swimming. When he was a puppy he fell into the water and my partner (who owned him before me) thinks he is traumatized. I have now moved to a hot country and would like to get him comfortable with swimming in the sea (beach…we don’t have a pool). When I go swimming at the beach I try calling him but he does not come swimming to me but stays onshore barking. If I carry him out into the sea, he swims right back towards the shore.

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