Member Questions 8-17-21

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Hi Robert,

I bought a scent kit and want to know the best way to start my 6 year old Catahoula on detection. Should I start with one of the scents? I watched your part 1 video, but prefer to have him searching for scents other than mine. Is it necessary to have him retrieve? I want him to alert to a scent rather than retrieve it. He loves the game of finding treats or the odd piece of clothing (not mine). Also, what’s the best way to reward him without interfering in the process? Thanks!


Hi Robert, me and my two dogs moved from Connecticut to NYC last month. One of them is having a hard time enjoying the outside. She is hesitant to walk outside the door as well as the first block. It would take us 20 minutes to walk the first block from our apartment with my verbal encouragement and treats. She would generally be ok after the first block. However, she is also a lot happier to go home than to keep walking. Been feeding them outside only. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!


Hi from Toronto, Canada! Been working on leash skills & getting focus outside with my 5 month old Basset since day 1. I live in a busy area! Hugo can walk in a focused heel for nearly a block (if I reward) but prefers to sniff (obviously – hound) or run ahead. Also, if he sees a dog, or a person excitedly comes up to him, he pulls & it’s over in terms of focus. What can I reasonably expect at his age? Don’t want to over correct if it’s because he’s just a puppy. Wears a martingale. Thank you!

Amit O

Had my female GSD for 5 years. She was always reactive to other dogs. I rescued 2 y.o male GSD 2 months ago. They get along fine. He was very calm initially and not bothered by other dogs at all. Worked with a trainer on loose leash walking, changing directions etc. with both and the female has become less reactive and anxious but it seems like the male picked up on her old behavior and started being anxious and very reactive on walks and when introduced to new dogs.

How do I help him? Thx


The crate I got for my now 16 week old male malinois has become a torture device! He got locked up for several hours the other day, several hours too long I should say… Lesson learned. Self correction made. But now, even 10-20 minutes in his crate is far too much for his Belgian sensibilities. I’ve seen the video on making the crate a positive place to be, but at this point that ship has sailed. Treats n’ Kongs aside, what more can I do to help him accept the crate and cope with the stress?


Hey Robert, I heard on one of your members’ chats talking about “Good Citizenship Training,” that you may have some videos to guide us in preparing for that. I have a 12 month English Cocker that completed a Beginner Obedience Course. What would you recommend I do for Daily Training to prep for the Good Citizenship Course? I watch your videos and learn a lot from how to approach the training that really helps me to teach things. Thanks so much for your help!


Hey Robert! My 1 y/o mal, Loki always had an issue with barking in his crate. He’s not a huge fan of it. He goes in for treats and kongs, but when he finishes them he wants out and will bark for up to an hour or two. We had him in for an hour around noon recently and our neighbor complained on us. He’s my ESA for my panic disorder. I’m scared if we don’t fix it my apartment will try to make us remove him. Should I try a bark collar or anything in addition to trying to condition him to the crate?


Hello, I was wondering why does my 6.5 month old bullmastiff bark and growl ( not in a aggressive way) at me when I lay down on the couch…she will only stop when I get up or when she jumps onto the couch and lay next to me….if i force her off she would grab my hand with her mouth. What kind of behavior is this?


Hi Robert, thank u for the wonderful content & please forgive me for asking stupid questions, im struggling with my 7 months working line GSD & it seems that I’m his problem, im starting to think that my behavior towards him allows him to take the lead as a result he bites & growls at me whenever he wants anything, please advice on how can I better educate myself on how I should properly act while around my pup, i want him to live a happy a life & i’ld really like enjoying him as my companion


Thank you so much your videos and site have been so helpful! Our 8 month GSD is reactive/protective? of our 5yr son (not our older kids) It doesn’t happen all the time sometimes she is fine with him however if we are on a walk she will start pulling, barking/crying if he gets ahead of us, we’ve tried going to playground but she can’t handle him being at a distance and gets anxious, barking crying to get to him. In the home she will what seems randomly, react to him. What should we be doing?

Andrew N

Hi Robert, 2 yr GSD named Casey. We jog together on a trail in woods on our own property. She is Leash trained and also recall trained. I use some time off leash on jog to work on recall and use static correction on recall as necessary. She is also on GPS locator collar for safety since remote.

A couple times, she sees a deer and literally takes off. Should I up static to way higher and correct her tendency to run after a deer, or do I just need to leash her?

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