Member Questions AMA – 2/26/21

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11 month GSD with excellent bite inhibition but who greets the world with her mouth. In quiet moments, she’ll “hold” my hand or nibble the edge of my shirt like a mouse. A verbal correction (“no teeth”) prompts a lick and praise. But in high drive she tries to grab me with her mouth, again, no bite pressure but it’s bossy and potentially dangerous. Asking for a behavior sometimes helps refocus her but the mouthing requires a correction and what I’ve tried hasn’t been effective. What would you do


Given the scenario that a stray dog or maybe a dog that was on leash accidently gets away from someone’s house or from the owners hands runs and lunges towards you or your dog. How should I react to something like that for my own and my dogs safety/self-defense. I am from the Philippines and here in my area there are usually a lot of stray dogs roaming around outside.

Alfredo V

Hello Robert, can you please do a video on what you feed your dog in a raw diet. I am interested in things like How you feed the raw diet, how much it costs for you to do so, and where do you get your meat from.(Online or in a specific shop.)

Terry J

I have a 10 month old intact male Malinois. He has what I would describe as a class clown personality. Very social and approachable with other dogs. When he meets a new dog or even his friends come around he does a few sniffs. Once he sees they are friendly he will take his paw and start to smack the other dog in the face. If the dog is more alpha he will spin and place his rear in the dogs face. Then it’s a back and forth smack/rear game. Is this a dominance thing? Best way to correct this ?


My older dog (4yr M Lab) seems scared of my new puppy (4mo F Malinois). He initiates play but when the puppy licks or touches him he freezes, tries to hide and corrects her by holding her snout. He seems very curious, sniffing and following her but gets spooked when she pays him any attention. They’ve played tug before with no problems. But Idk how else to have them interact. I don’t want my older dog to get too anxious or force him. Tips to help his confidence? I keep the puppy leashed.


Hi Robert, I have a 9 months old GSD and he keeps nipping and mouthing when he gets excited and wants to show affection. How do we stop him from that behavior?

Isidro M

5 month aggressive/scared malinois, u recommended i make her neutral to other dogs. Which videos can i watch to learn that? Cause i would like to walk her without her going crazy each time she sees another dog. Thnx


My 1 year old lab Gunnar has been fearful of men since he was a puppy. He had a traumatic incident with a man as a puppy and ever since he is fearful of men. I’ve tried my best to socialize him every change it gets with men and he typically is okay with them after 5 minutes. However he still will growl and bark at men (sometimes women) upon meetings no matter how confident and exciting I try to make the situation. he rarely growled at people in public but did on our last walk even children. Help

Jamie S

Thank you for your advice regarding our 10 mo. old GSD(Allie). My ? was regarding her energy level in the morning. (My kids & I were diagnosed with Covid (wanted you to know, i88I slept on the couch so my husband can sleep better) Allie fell asleep on the couch with me. I will continue to crate her & keep her calm. I withheld her food for a day, I fed her less (visionary) so she’s more focused for training. Her nose has been runny horribly while she’s in the car, is it anxiety? What can I do? THX

Nathan M

Hello Robert love the videos and support, I have an 8 month gsd who has come a long in terms of obeisance and ignoring distractions on walks or parks. However if a dog runs into us off leash or my dog gets into close contact with another dog that looks playful on walks this sends him into hyper play drive and getting his focus back or corrections is extremely difficult. I’ve tried pre distracting him if I see another dog approaching and it rarely works. Any tips on preventing or correcting ?

Rich H

My 8 month old cane corso/lab mix has started chewing up her crate mat….I took it out and left her with what’s left of her chewed up blanket………How do I re-introduce the mat? Without the mat she wakes up at 2am and whines.

Lisa C

Occasionally my dog sees or smells something (unaware to me) that sets him into a nervous drive. I do socialize him but I think the nerves are genetic. corrections make him flighty when he is scared. His obedience is strong but when he is nervous its hard to get his focus. I’ve notice keeping him still and asking for commands makes it worse. Maybe movement is our friend here? I’m careful not to say “it’s okay”. Is this the best way to work through this?

Naomi K

My 7 mo GSD can get extremely bratty when playing in the yard – jumping, biting arms & clothes. Popping the leash to correct her aggravates the situation. Her arousal level seems so high that she cannot control herself. Hard to walk away from her with her holding onto my arm/ankle. She only stops with my husband’s stern loud voice startling her. She is hyperactive and skittish but her basic obedience is good in general. How can I (with a soft voice) stop this bad behavior? Thanks for your help.


Last ama I asked what to do about my 6mo GSD being over excited towards my two shih tzus. You said I should crate her then interact/hold the shih tzu’s. She has no issue with me interacting with them or holding them. She acts like this towards almost anything that gets her excited, for example meeting new people and almost any dog she encounters. Could this just be an immature puppy? Or should I be expecting her to not react the way she does with my two older dogs?


Hey Robert, I have a 7mo shepherd/husky female showing signs of going into heat. What advice would you offer someone who has never experienced a dog in heat before? I’m also wondering if I should isolate her on walks, take her somewhere no dogs will be present? Or is this a good time to work thru training? I don’t want to be asking too much from her while she is going thru these changes.

Thanks for all the help!

Nancy L

I have a 5 1/12 month old Great Dane puppy who has started biting my hands ‘hard’! I have two adult Danes as well; have had Danes for 30 yrs. I co-own ‘mom’ who is with me. She is a singleton pup so I’ve had her since day one. Amazing attention, quick learner. We are in basic obedience and will be doing AKC Rally and agility. She has decided to start biting my hands, only mine, no one else. I am the one who feeds her, trains with her etc. She is biting unacceptably hard and I have never had this.

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