Member Questions 11-23-21

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Paige W

I recently got another malinois and he is great with his commands. My older malinois phoenix uses the ecollar (mini educator) and I’m wondering when I should use the ecollar for the new puppy. How old should the puppy be when we use the ecollar?

Alison D

I started working with my puppy who is a Lab/ Boxer mix on the basics. He is a rescue and had almost no human contact/handling within the first 4 mo. of his life. We have had him two weeks and have been working with him to not be scared or frightened around us and while he has made a ton of progress I’m finding it difficult to follow your training methods with him. He likes treats but if he also shows indifference to them. Can you give some advice regarding this kind of puppy?

Mary K

How to have my CC interact more with people without being fearful. On walks she is ok with people and dogs passing us. But if approach she says away. Same at Vet. Please help

Anna J

My dog can be dog aggressive and my mom has a cat that we have not introduced yet because I have been away at college but will be graduating and coming home and they are both inside animals. What is the best course of action to introduce them!


Hi, i have a 7 months old Belgian Malinois puppy. Every time I put him on a leash, he is starting to bite it and pull it. I am in the process of teaching the leave it command, however it doesn’t work yet. Can you please advise how to stop leash biting? Thank you

Rhonda C

I have a 7 month Mal rescue that I have been training to pass the CGC. We have passed all the requirements except for the stranger petting him and of course the stranger examining paws, ears etc. Im not sure how to approach this one. He is definitely fear aggressive. In class when the instructor approaches and even just puts his hand down, my back with bark and lunge which makes the instructor flinch. How do I get him used to strangers without him feeling the need to lunge and snap.


1. What would you do in the case of a dog that barks from his cage at strangers who come into the house? Would you use a correction?

The dog cage is placed in the right place in the house and the dog likes his cage.

2. How would you approach a dog that wants to bite, and not out of fear?

I mean – how will you actually approach the dog.


Dear Robert, I was just wondering what you think about roughhousing and playing physical with your dog. I think we did a good job teaching our puppy that he is supposed to bite really soft. There is a defined start and end to the play-session and I throw in obedience when I realise he gets to rough. I feel like it is great to teach him boundaries; whats ok and whats not + I think we bond doing it. A trainer in puppy school said that i’t can lead to him developing bad behaviors. What do you think

Tech H

Our Labrador Retriever just turned 1 and is our first dog. We have enjoyed many aspects of having a dog including training, walks, hikes, and short runs around the block. We use a balanced trainer that we really like and have recently supplemented training with your videos. We are considering adding a second dog to the family though possibly an adult dog. We’re not in a hurry and are wondering how old our first dog should be before adding a second.

Ruth S

I watched the video “How and Why to MUZZLE Train Your DOG” and signed up to be a member. Thank you. I noticed that you referenced the plastic muzzle that fits nicely on Goofy as size 3. Where can I buy that muzzle? My Belgian Malinois, Remy, is about 64 lbs, 1-year-old, and I don’t think he will get much bigger. After I sent Leerburg Remy’s measurement, they recommended a Polymer Coated Wire Muzzle Option 1 #25C – 4.25 x 14.25. I want to order the one that you recommended for Goofy, too.

Shaun G

Hi Robert, I have a 3 month old working line GSD. Obedience training is coming along slowly but surely. The biggest problem I see is he is reactive to strangers and even to some people he has met a few times. He’s growled and barked at the vet assistant and the vet said a puppy this young should not be reacting this way. I realize the potential dangers this could create as he grows larger. What should I be focused on when introducing him to people to get him more relaxed and comfortable?


I have an intact 3.5year old standard poodle. I didn’t want to neuter him because I felt bad

He is never loose near intact females or has shown much aggression towards other dogs but people tell me all dogs should be spayed/neutered – how does one choose whether or not to do that and is it too late if I should?

Avril S

Please can you send a link for the best harness as the one you suggest is unavailable on Amazon! I’m in the U.K and have a male 16 week old GSD who is rapidly growing out of his travel crate and I want to harness him! I purchased one from pets at home pet store but it is cheap and I want the one in your video! I want the best for my boy! Many thanks by the way I’m doing your training and my smart boy is learning fast thanks to you training me to train him! I take everything you train on board.


Hi, Robert, I have Bernese mountain dog 11 weeks old, 2 weeks with me. He does not want to play, I try to initiate a play with a ball or other toy but he does not respond quite and usually starts to bite my arms and legs. I redirect to a toy but quite often it ends with very aggressive biting and does not react to NO. I started to use the leash and pull on it when see that he will bite me and it takes time while he calms down. He does eye contact and is good at many commands. What did I do wrong? Thanks!

Jake O

Hi Robert, Thank you for your advice last week. My question now is about head position in heeling. My dog understands to keep his head up in basic position, pivots, and side steps but for forward movement he often breaks his head position. Do you think some more luring forward will help? I tried using a stick before like in your video but it didn’t really work with my dog. Any other advice? Thanks

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