Member Questions 8/03/21

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During an initial consultation (working on only obedience) with a local trainer, my dog (Zipper the Mainoisl) felt uncomfortable in a certain situation and took a snap at him. Did not make contact thankfully, but, the trainer “corrected” him by nearly hanging him with a prong collar. He went on to state that he’s trained K9s for years and sometimes it is necessary to hang them in order to get the message through. I highly doubt it, but is this an acceptable form of correction?


Hi, my 11 month old male cane corso appears to be going through his fear stage. Places and situations which he has been exposed to multiple times can now freak him out. There is no particular trigger although he does seem to look up a lot (not sure why). How can we help him move through this stage? When on leash he will pull and as he is already 60kg this can be tough to handle. Thank you and thanks for all the fantastic content!


We have two older, medium sized, low drive rescues. (pitbull/staffie and africanis/lab, both about 11 yrs) They are great house pets but not trained so well. I plan to get a Malinois in a year. What bad habits will he learn from them and what would you suggest I focus on with the older dogs to minimize a negative impact on the puppy? Eg they sit and stay for food well but they have poor recall. Will the puppy pick up on that and think he doesn’t need to listen? Pitbull also pulls on walks. TIA!


Today I took my dog for a walk, and this dog off leash came running up to my dog. I told the owner to get his dog which in turn he tells me his dog is friendly and I replied mine isn’t, please get your dog. He then replied he’s a trainer and it’s ok. When my dog got upset (scared) and started snipping he then tells me off and tells me to socialize my dog. I was the one in the wrong. Luckily nothing bad happened. What would you do? Do you do private lessons. I really need help with socialization.


I have a 3 yr old Aussie mix. I’ve been using your loose leash training with her. She likes to walk faster than I can, so comes to the end of the leash frequently. She doesn’t pull or lunge and will stop if I do and will either wait for me or come back to me. My question is whether I should expect her to keep the leash loose in addition to not pulling? I’d like for her to keep it loose, but she’s a high drive dog. Am I expecting too much?

Bob G

Robert, I would like to request/suggest a much needed lesson to be added to your program. My wife and I often take aggressive rough terrain hikes with our young malinois, Hope. In the event our k9 companion should become injured. I think it important to teach the dog to be carried prior to Hope’s being injured or incapacitated. The military version of the carry, over the shoulders and behind the handlers neck seems to be the safest for all. Please consider teaching in lesson form. Best wishes.


Hi Robert. I have a question about teaching leave it with Kai, our 5 month old GSD. I have done the leave it training with highly desired treats and he leaves it all of the time. But at home if we accidentally leave an item in his reach and he’s far enough away from us he’ll steal it and play keep away. We made the mistake early on in chasing him, now it’s a game. I have tried to trade for a toy/treat this works sometimes. If I even step towards him, he dodges. Suggestions on fixing this?


So far I’ve been training my 11 week old European Doberman puppy using the continuation marker “NICE” when he performs a command correctly, and release him from a sit using the “BREAK” command with a physical touch on the top of the nose. I want to ensure that as I add the terminal marker “FREE” and later a “WAIT” for a general area stay command that I don’t confuse things by doing it in correctly. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hey Robert – my 18 month GSD/Malinois mix is coming along really well in his training. The biggest issue is occasionally he is reactive on walks. For the most part he does great but certain dogs in the neighborhood send him into a frenzy. He also is still reactive with kids on skateboards. The odd thing is when we do long line training at the local field he is perfect. Doesn’t react to other dogs or animals like foxes that might run by. It is only on walk that he is reactive. Advice?


Hey Robert, My 1 year old mal snapped at my girlfriend’s foot when it got too close to her Kong. We immediately made him go down the hall and to his crate. He went but snarled the whole way and basically cornered himself at the door. I’ve started using the technique you talk about in your video, when they growl standing your ground and then when they resume chewing the toy, walking away. Would you reward with a treat when they go back to normal or correct when they lash out also?

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