Adopted Shelter Dog “Stormi”

STORMI has been rescued by our friends at Bark n’ Bitches

Stormi is about 3 years old, she is a shepherd / husky mix. As you’ll see in this video, she is a very sweet dog who lost her home when her parents moved and dumped her in the shelter through no fault of her own. Since then she’s been pent up in a kennel without much free time to play or train. She was rescued by a good friend of mine at Bark n’ Bitches here in LA. You can contact them via their website: – email !

I believe she would be easy to train, based now what I saw in this video. She takes treats nicely and loves to engage. She knows the basics of COME, DOWN and SIT. I really enjoyed working with her.

Stormi is very deserving of a loving home. Please consider adopting STORMI

Bark n Bitches Humane Pet Shop


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