Team Cabral Dog Training Vest

If you haven’t yet gotten one of my TEAM CABRAL training vests, here’s the link to do so now:

I created this page to give you quick access to the accessories and any info you need.

You can order the Chew King Balls that I use here. You can use most any relatively thin walled rubber type ball, I found these but would be open to other ideas!

You’ll also need 2 – 20mm square magnets to go INSIDE the balls:
( I used to recommend the 15mm, but find the 20mm are better)

The magnets you’ll use for the vest are Rare Earth Magnets 1″ x .25″ you’ll need a set of 6 (see below) :
*** the newer vests are re-enforced under the arm, so you will need two extra magnets for the underarm pockets, so you’ll need a set of 6! That is 2 under each arm, one in the front and one in the back!

If you have any questions about ordering or have an issue with your vest, please contact UNDRDOG directly. I do not handle the sales of the vest.

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