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As a brand new member, I want to help you get started and make it as easy as possible. This page is designed to guide you to understanding the Members Only content. Please follow along and work through the STEPS below. You are welcome to jump ahead anytime.

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  1. Can’t start lesson, I can only watch the preview video.
    You must manually add each lesson to your account. This is how members track which lessons they have completed. When selecting a lesson for the first time please click on the button that says “ACTIVATE THIS LESSON” to get access to the full video within the lesson.

  2. How do I complete a lesson?
    After watching the lesson video there will be a button that says “Mark as Complete”. Pressing this button will mark the lesson as complete for your profile. You can access completed lessons and re-watch them at any time.

  3. How do I take notes?
    The option to take notes will show up when you are in a lesson page. You should see a black button that says TAKE NOTES. You can save and access your notes anytime within the My Notes page.

  4. How can I submit a ASK ME ANYTHING question to Robert?
    The AMA form is on the Ask Me Anything page. The question form has a character limit in order to avoid long drawn out questions. Please try to be precise when submitting a question. Most questions that are submitted are address in the Ask Me Anything Lesson.

  5. When will Robert answer my question?
    AMA questions are answered twice a week (usually Tuesday and Friday) and are uploaded in video format. Look for the answer to your question on the following upload date. Do not expect an email back with the answer. You can search the member question archive to find the most recent videos.

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