KC Canine – My Favorite Treat!

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As many of you know, I don’t work for any company and get no compensation, so when I tell you I like a product, I really like it. KC Canine is one of those companies, their treats are first rate, USA made and they come in a variety of novel proteins including elk, venison, bison and more.  If you’re treat …

Brilliant K9 Dog Harness

Brilliant K9 Dog Vest – Harness

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I see many dogs wearing vests and harnesses for one reason or another.  I don’t normally recommend harnesses for dogs who pull, but there are several other reasons that dogs should wear them including for dogs who have cervical issues and older dogs.  When asked what brand I recommend I only say Brilliant K9.  They are a top shelf company that hand …

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

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With all of the natural flea and tick solutions and products available I am stunned that people still buy poison to put on their dogs. Think about a product that you squirt on your dog’s skin (less than an ounce) and it’s so powerful that it repels fleas over your dog’s entire coat for a month. Let’s think about what …


Lovetuner for People and Dogs

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As some of you may know, I studied martial arts and eastern philosophy most of my life.  I taught traditional martial arts / Budo here in Los Angeles as well as in Switzerland for about ten years in the 1990’s.  Meditation has been part of my daily routine for most of my life.  I accredit my success in life as well …

Kong Toy Chew Toy for Dogs


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The Kong Toy The Kong is one of those products that is defined by one word.  There are numerous copies, but we still call them KONG.  I use Kongs as a reward and a stress reliever.  I put a small amount of almond butter inside and leave it with a dog who is a chewer or has anxiety about being …

VarioCage Car Safety Crate


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Traveling with your dog can be fun, but it also places you and your dog at risks.  These risks can be reduces or eliminated with some simple safety knowledge. First and foremost, do not ever travel with your dog loose in the car, the can cause distractions for you and cause an accident.  I highly recommend restraining your dog when …

Dog Treadmill DogTrotter

DogTrotter Dog Treadmill

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DogTrotter Dog Treadmill I own a DogTrotter  and I will say its one of my very favorite things.  It’s beautifully made and works great.  My dogs love it and I know they are safe and getting in great shape.  It’s more than a machine, it’s a work of art. Each DogTrotter is hand made to order.  They are all made …