Janet’s friend Jeff rescued a new Labrador Retriever, and he was concerned that the dog wasn’t trained. From what Jeff said, I thought we were looking at a really bad dog. But to my surprise, Bruin was a really nice dog. All that was needed was to get these two onto the same page. You’ll see at the beginning of the lesson, Jeff was frustrated with Bruin and Bruin was quite confused.

I really love these kind of lessons, because so much ground is covered with such little effort. That is why I decided to post this entire lesson as one video lesson. It is LONG, but well worth the effort to watch.

So many people have these kind of issues with a brand new rescue dog. I think the transformation is monumental, and I hope it will help you transform your relationship with your dog. All it takes is really getting a good look at what’s going on in the dog’s mind and tapping into that.

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