Basic Obedience – Day 1 with Karl the Rottweiler

Karl is a rescue dog who belongs to my good friend Jerome. He is a pure bred Rottweiler that Jerome rescued and dedicated himself to train in order to make him a good citizen. Oftentimes Rottweilers get a bad rap for being aggressive, so Jerome wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. Karl is actually one of the nicest Rottweilers I’ve ever met!

I will create a small series around Karl’s training that will be shared with all of you here in the member section. My thought in doing this is to help people with similar breed dogs (and similar temperament) to understand the training process better.

This is our first lesson in which we focus on some basics such as obedience, engagement and structure, including corrections. This is a great place to jump in for anyone who is just starting out with a mature rescue dog. Enjoy this lesson and look for more to come!

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