Building engagement with your puppy will be the most important thing to do.  You are building a relationship with an animal that basically doesn’t know you.  You will focus on the dog’s natural instincts such as prey drive to channel his or her focus toward you and away from things that distract!

In this lesson we meet Augie and Denise.  Augie is a young Springer Spaniel who is an awesome dog with lots of drive and little focus.  In this session I give Denise some simple tools to channel that drive toward something productive and something that will enhance her relationship with Augie for years to come.

By the ned of this session, Augie is much more able to focus on Denise, he learned the basics to “LEAVE IT” and is jumping up on her a lot less… WHY?  Because Denise is starting to channel his drive and channel it toward something she desires!  And Augie is a lot happier for the training!

Building Engagement Builds a Lifetime Bond

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