Every year countless dogs are hit by cars, many due to carelessness.  Dogs jump out of cars because they are excited and that excitement usually relates to getting out of the car.  There are exciting things outside of the car, right?!  And every time the dog gets in the car (or at least a lot of the time) they are heading somewhere fun.  Dogs spring out of cars at home, at the dog park or anywhere we take them.  Teaching them a WAIT Command can save their lives.

This video is so important for you to teach your dog – it can save his or her life!  The member’s video is over 20 minutes long.  The version on social media will be about 10 minutes, because in the member version I’m including part 2 as well, which is how to safely leash and collar your dog in the car before getting out.  **Member perk!

Blocking the dog’s ability to get out - Coupled with the door as a block will help greatly

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