Using simple skills to communicate with dogs makes the relationship so much stronger. Give the dog a clear picture of what is right and wrong, what you will and won’t accept, what you like and what you dislike and you’ll see the dog make the right choice. This clear picture will entail a simple concept, Reward what you want and Correct what you don’t!

Dog’s are a blank slate, they don’t know what is right and wrong from the human perspective. For example running is fun, even if they’re running in the street. Jumping is fun, even if it knocks down an older person or young child. Being mouthy is fun, even if it tears flesh! Teach your dog that these are behaviors that won’t get the dog far and he will aim to please you. I do this by delivering fair corrections. Corrections are as much a part of your vocabulary in dog training as they are in your personal life. If you don’t correct bad behaviors, you’re doomed to repeat them.

This lesson covers a complete session with Nancy and Ozzy. We cover their basic communication throughout thei interaction including:

  1. LEAVE IT.
  2. COME
  3. SIT

and a whole lot more. There’s so much to learn in this one lesson, you should really look at it, no matter what level you and your dog is at.


Keywords for this lesson: corrections, join the lesson, distractions, marker words, long line, leave it, come, sit, manners

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Lesson Includes

  • 1 Video Lesson