A Puppy at the Shelter

There are some things that are necessary to repeat, not only to stress their importance, but also to help people better understand how to do it.  I believe Crate Training is that important.  I get emails all the time with questions on proper crate training.  I posted a video a while back about crate training, but that was with ii, our Labrador who is very well trained.  I thought to myself, “If I could take a puppy and explain this it would be so much more beneficial for viewers.”  Then, to put my ability to the test, I tried it with a very young puppy AT THE SHELTER – in a yard full of smells!!!  This is a multi-part video that I shot at the shelter that day.  There is still one part to come.  BTW- this video is a much fuller / complete video than the free version on YouTube.  All of the videos here in the member section are more thorough than anything I will post on YouTube or Facebook for free.

Crates are the most humane way to introduce a dog to a new home!

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