Dealing with a Fearful Dog

Fear can be expressed in flight or fight.  That means a dog may express their fear by running away from something, or running toward it.  The latter usually defines fear aggression.  In either case, we approach the fear the same way – we want to make the dog confident to alleviate the fear.

This lesson deals with a very skittish / fearful dog, Oliver.  You’ll see the transformation in the lesson.  This transformation comes primarily because we changed the way we handle the dog and the situation.  I will state here that the dog is not “fixed.”  This is a journey to transformation.  It takes time, dedication and a lot of work.  The dog has shown a slight change by fair exposure and communication.

The reason I put this lesson up in one video is because I believe you will learn a lot through the journey, that would have been missed if I broke it up into two lessons.  that being said, it’s an extremely long lesson…  so take your time to understanding it.

Teaching Your Dog a Skill Will Help Overcome Insecurity!

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