Dog Aggression – Loaf Tried to Attack Goofy

There’s not another video like this that you’ll see from me. As you know, I’ve handled many aggressive dogs, but this one was a surprise. I had done one session with Loaf the Bully that has some aggression issues. Those of you who know and saw the video, saw that he went after me… and in this session it got worse.

I had Goofy out at a distance to desensitize Loaf to another dog. Well Goofy decided to come over and investigate. Loaf went off and the rest is history, as you’ll see in the video. I know and trust Goofy 100% and therefor I know that he won’t attack another dog, but I was shocked that he didn’t even try to retaliate for Loaf acting like a jerk. I love Goofy even more after this video (as if that is possible)… because he showed me that he knew that I had control.

In any case, never put your dog in this kind of situation, this is really an advanced level lesson, but just to show you some great tips that will undoubtedly help you if you’re dealing with an aggressive dog. There are plenty of corrections you’ll see in this video, and the end result is worth the work.

For a large percentage of the population, I would never suggest a dog like Loaf, I think these dogs can be a liability, and in this situation, I think it’s weak nerves / genetics.

Enjoy the lesson.

When dogs have aggression issues,
Don’t END the session until you have settled the issue!

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