Dog & People Aggressive Bully – Session 3

I have to start out by saying that the audio in this video is a little sketchy since we were filming in our normal spot and there was construction going on this day… so my apologies ahead of time.

This is our third session with Loaf, you remember the other two: the first he tried to bite me and on the second he went after Goofy. Well, not being one to give up, we worked past all of those issues and sent Edith back with some homework. In today’s session we follow up and and see her progress. Now, these sessions were a while ago and I can report that Loaf is doing well with Edith and her family, I heard from her a few weeks back!

Some important things to remember with aggression cases is:

  1. Never take things personally. Focus on the aggression and help the dog learn through structure and correction.
  2. Stay focussed and don’t stop when it gets tough. People usually give up and that reinforces the bad behavior.
  3. Never put anyone in danger. This includes the dog you’re training, other dogs, other people and yourself. Protect everyone.
  4. Don’t take on a dog you can’t handle. This will become an ego situation for many people and it SHOULD NOT be! You should be easily able to handle the dog if and when you need to correct.
  5. Reward good behavior, but don’t bribe the dog. Bribing creates weakness on your side and a dominant dog will walk all over that!

Overall there’s a lot to learn with the aggressive dog videos I have here in the member section. They are geared more toward advanced handlers, so if you’re not ready, don’t do it! If a dog is too much for you either get professional help or get rid of the dog. You won’t do anyone a favor by getting injured or allowing someone else to get injured by an aggressive dog.

I always caution people that if your dog should become suddenly / surprisingly aggressive out of nowhere, get the dog checked by a veterinarian. There can oftentimes be a medical reason for sudden behavior changes. This is CRITICAL.

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