E-Collar Intro and Issues with Rio

Getting a good understanding of the e-collar is paramount to making it the humane tool it can be. When dogs scream, jump and cower, they are improperly trained on the e-collar. In this video lesson I introduce the collar to Rio the Alano. Now, Harold has been having Rio wear the collar, so he’s used to the feel of it, but getting him used to the response is what we focus on in this lesson.

One of the biggest issues with e-collars is improper fit on the dog, and the human not understanding the proper communication with the dog when the dog is wearing the collar. It is NOT a remote control that will change the channels on the dog. It is a tool to enhance your communication by get your dog’s attention when distracted and effectively blocking negative behaviors and mistakes. The reason I LOVE the ecollar is because it is fair to the dog and removes me, my voice and my physical corrections from the mind of the dog.

This was an extremely long session and there is so much to understand that I decided to break the lesson into two parts. I’ll post the second part next week that will really help you better understand this lesson. It may seem like I should post part 2 first, but what I want you to see is exactly how the lesson went and how I was able to clarify so much for Harold and Rio in the sequence exactly the way I taught it.

*** I have to disclose that we did another lesson after this with Rio and Harold and Cheri and WOW… I was impressed. This dog is awesome and Harold and Cheri really have done an amazing job training him. When you see that lesson, which should be up in a while, I think you’ll be floored!


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