E-Collar Water Test

Although the promo video for this lesson is quite funny, it’s meant to grab your attention to a very important issue that many people don’t understand about the ecollar.

A basic understanding of electricity is necessary to understand what I am trying to get across in this video, so I spend a little time to get you to grasp what I’m saying.

  1. Electricity flows to the path of least resistance. That means if there’s an easy way for electric to get from point A to B, the electricity will take that path. For example, metal conducts electricity better than plastic, so if you touch a piece of metal to two ends of the battery, the “juice” will flow through the metal a lot easier than through the plastic. It becomes a little more confusing when we talk about more abstract things like skin, fur, water, etc. So to make it easier to understand, I will use the skin on my hand in this lesson.
  2. Water, although a conductor of electricity, functions differently with low current like an ecollar. E-Collars are safe because they use low current / higher voltage to deliver a stimulations. Did you ever see the stun-gun that says it delivers 1MILLION volts? Well a million volts could kill you, but not if it is VERY LOW amperage. Similarly a low voltage / high average battery like a car batter can deliver enough to kill someone. So with low current, the electricity gets lost in the water. You’ll see this when I put my hand in the water, I feel a lot less stimulation than when my hand is out of the water…. **** but more stimulation when my hand is out of the water AND WET!

This is all quite complicated, but I want to give you a little background in the event you need the info and you are using an ecollar on your dog. Information is king! Your dog is quite safe with an ecollar used properly and, in my belief, your dog will receive great training and communication if you use the ecollar correctly. People ALWAYS say, “Don’t use the ecollar in the water because it will kill your dog.” Well, quite the opposite is true. let me explain. Your ecollar will deliver less of a stimulation to your dog if it is submersed. I’ll prove this in the lesson. The PROBLEM is that people will crank the collar up higher and higher since the dog isn’t responding because the collar is submerged. Then when the dog’s head (neck and collar) bob out of the water, they get over stimmed. This happens because of the increased power (you dialed up) and the fact that the collar is out of the water and the dog’s skin and fur is wet. This will all make sense after you watch the lesson.

In the member lesson I demonstrate tis with 3 different brands: the MARTIN SYSTEM (my choice), the Garmin and the Dogtra. I want to prove the point that all brands are pretty much the same here.

As I mention in the video lesson, the vibrate option is the best option for dog’s in the water because vibrate functions the exact same in water and dry! That is one of the reasons it was invented.




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