Excitement in Training with Annie

I met Ray and his German Shepherd Annie at the park where I train. He had watched me train and asked if he could join in with a couple of friends that come weekly to train with me. He had done a great job training Annie in obedience, but wanted it to be more exciting and fun for both Annie and himself.

This lesson is a combination of 3 training sessions and I think you can see an awesome transformation. Annie is a solid dog, no issues with people or dogs, so that was not an issue, but getting her loosened up and enjoying the training was our goal.

Every time I see Annie in the class, I notice a little more of her spirit coming through. I gotta say that Ray did a great job and he’s had German Shepherds for many years, but Annie was a bit softer dog and she needed to have permission to be a little more fun… and she sure is doing that here.

I want to stress that just because a dog is a particular breed doesn’t mean they need to be trained like all dogs of that breed. Some dogs are softer, some are harder – and depending on the dog, you have to adjust your training. I think this lesson is an awesome example of that, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! Good job Ray and Annie!


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