In the previous lesson I worked with Joey, Max’s dad on learning the ecollar. We did this by NEVER putting the collar on Max, but instead, learning the collar on our necks. This is imperative, because once we understand the finesse of the collar and how it works, putting it on our dogs is quite simple.

First thing is finding our dog’s level. We do this fairly and calmly, as you’ll see in the lesson above. Once we do this we always tie the stimulation with either a correction and/or a reward. I like to make sure that the dog understands that the ecollar is nothing to fear, by not making it an issue and NEVER making it personal. I like hiding the remote and NOT pointing it at the dog.

Enjoy this lesson and watch it a few times before you put the collar on your dog. Lots to understand before you use it on your dog. It is the best tool.

A quick note. I ALWAYS use an extender on ALL of my Ecollars which makes it very fair to the dog. I’ll be making a series of videos on Better and Smarter Use of the Ecollar coming soon. You probably saw my modifications in my Ecollar Hack Video. Good new is that you can buy a premed extender from my friends at Martin System, by using these links:

Large Extender for Large Dogs (Max wears a large)

Medium Extender for Medium Sized Dogs (Goofy and Maya wear a medium)

Small Extender for Small Dogs (Dogs with small necks probably 35-40lbs or less)

You might also check the complete collar system which I use:

MICRO B K9 Kick (I will have a video on this system very soon)

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