This is a 2 part lesson… not that either part relates to the other, but these are the two things that I worked with Will and Red on in this lesson. It’s good to mix different things into lessons / training depending on the dog and the mood. Sometimes I’ll work on one thing, and other times I may work on 3,4, or 5 things. Today it was RECALL and then FOCUS Heeling.

The RECALL or COME is really critical. In fact, I think it’s the single most important thing to teach your dog. I stress it over and over again. You’ll see that Red has an “almost” perfect recall, but that is as long as Red wants to do it. We want the recall perfect at ALL TIMES. When Red gets distracted, it’s another story. And Will getting upset only makes it worse! My simple fix in this lesson will give you some solid insight on a basic way to fix your recall. This doesn’t involve anything other than a long line and some ingenuity.

In part 2 of the lesson we focus on working a FOCUS HEEL with an older dog. Red never learned this as a puppy, and that really is when it should be taught. However, I thought it would be a good lesson to leave in here for those of you who are working this skill with a little older dog. Remember, you can always teach your dog new things, whether they get it or not is NOT the most important thing. What is important is that you are interacting with your dog and that means everything to them. Make learning fun and love your dog forever!



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