Getting Started with the ECollar

Throughout the years, I’ve found two opinions on e-collar training, those that HATE it and those that don’t really love it, but wanna try it. If you’re in either of these categories, this lesson is for you. FIRST and foremost, we’re not even gonna see a dog with an ecollar in this lesson. That’s because I believe you must understand the tool before you put it on your dog.

Years ago, people used to threaten me and say, “How about I put the ecollar on you and shock you?” My answer was always, “what makes you think I want to shock your dog?” I like to let people feel the collar and then try to control their friend or spouse with the collar. In today’s situation, Joey’s wife wasn’t here, so I got to be the partner. Joey and I have been friends for a VERY long time, so we have a mutual respect for each other and that is what you should have when you think about using the ecollar on your dog. IT MUST STEM FROM RESPECT.

In today’s lesson Joey and I learn to communicate “non-verbally” using the ecollar as a tool. I think you’ll appreciate this lesson.

The collar you see me using in the lesson is a Garmin Delta Sport XC, BUT the more important element is the attachment that makes it work so well is the Chameleon Extender. You can check this out here in Large and here in Medium. The great thing is you can attach this to any ecollar and make the collar work 100X better because you are assured of perfect contact.

I’ll do more videos on this issue with Ecollars in the coming lessons, but I’ve used a modified “rig” on my collars for years. In fact you probably saw my ultimate ecollar hack – well this is the hack and you can just order yourself one. No work. I can assure you it works perfect. I have one for Duane, Maya and Goofy. I also use the Martin System ECollars and Remotes. You can order them here, they are not cheap, but are well worth the money. Again, I’ll have more videos coming up talking about their benefits, AND I can tell you I started using these collars over 10 years ago and they’ve gotten better and better!



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