Many people are fascinated when a dog knows hand signals. They see the dog’s ability to respond to hand signals as more incredible than responding to verbal commands. Conversely, most any dog trainer will tell you that hand signals are easier since they rely on the luring that we do to originally teach a dog the command.

We have to remember that a dog’s eye sight is much weaker than their hearing, so hand signals fall apart on many dogs after about 20-40 feet, since a dog relies on his sense of smell and hearing at that point. In either case, there are times to use hand signals, like in obedience and to impress your friends… therefore, I’m including a lesson on it here.

This lesson contains two important parts. One is the hand signals, all three in the member section (only the first on YouTube). Two is the work on keeping your dog from creeping forward – which is such a sloppy habit – but easy to fix as you’ll see in the video.

This is a 20 minute lesson... You will be working on for years... I still do!

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