Learning TUG & Meeting Other Dogs Siggy Day 3

As we continue our training with Siggy, I want to introduce TUG into the picture. Malinois are generally very apt to play tug and LOVE the game. However, there are some basic things we want to teach them. Most important will be a nice grip, how to hold the tug and how to win.

Looking at Siggy, he is a softer than usual Malinois, which is ideal for the average owner. Siggy is about the sweetest Malinois I’ve ever seen – and Janet is in LOVE with him. So, for a dog like Siggy, he will need a little more help to become possessive over the toy. You’ll see I develop that here. By building his possessiveness, he will hold onto the tug better.

In part two of the lesson, I address good manners in meeting other dogs. In today’s session Siggy gets to meet Max, another young puppy (Akita), Jimi our super. kind and friendly Labrador retriever and Goofy, my 11+ year old Malinois. Take a look at the different ways Siggy reacts to each of them. Keep this in mind when you are trying to introduce your puppy or dog to other dogs.

This lesson will prove extremely helpful for those early lessons where you are trying to really. develop a training relationship with your dog.


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