So, in this lesson I wanna just bring you along on a training routine with both of my dogs. I usually try to do a few sessions like this a week now since both Goofy and Maya are retired. If I was actively training or still doing competition this is what my daily training regiment would look like.

In the lesson you’ll see how I engage during training, how I correct and reward and how I structure the session. I thought you might enjoy this since so many of the lessons really have been more structured lately. Just getting out and having fun with your dog during training is what it’s all about. I really want too tress this for you…. getting out and having fun is what it really should be all about.

Enjoy this video: first part with Goofy and part 2 with Maya. You’ll see that Maya definitely present more of a challenge than training Goofy, but I love them just the same. You’ll be able to learn how I handle the challenges with Maya over training with Goofy and I am 100% aware that not every dog is “the most trainable dog in the world.”



Keywords for this lesson: daily training, treat training, toy training, two ball, 2 ball, obedience, speed in obedience, corrections, make training fun

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