Here on day 5 I start adding several things to the lesson to keep it interesting for Max. We’ve introduced most of the basics already, but as you may or may not have encountered, based on the dog you have, dogs don’t always remember everything you’ve shown them.

Today we start out with some fun exercises including a fun RECALL, DOWN and more, but I also talk about fading the lure / treat, introducing distractions such as other dogs moving and the prong collar.

This is a very in-depth lesson that will touch on many things that puppy owners will encounter. The key take away from this lesson, and all of the Max lessons is that Max is a more stubborn dog than many of the others you’ll see. This will take more patience and more perseverance. If you have a dog like this, you will really appreciate these lessons and the good hard work that my good. friend Joe does with Max!


Keywords for this lesson: prong collar intro, jumping, akita, Max, recall, come, stay, down, dog introductions, treats, fading treats

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