This is a new series that I’m launching, The Puppy Series. I’ve invited two friends with puppies, about the same age, but very different in personality and drive. We will follow them along through all of their training. Week by week, their accomplishment and set-backs.

I think this will be an awesome way for you to learn. In this lesson, meet Max, aka Maximus, an Akita that is owned by my good friend Joey, an amazing fitness coach and all around good guy. He has had several Akitas over the years, but with Max, he decided to do some formal obedience training and you’ll get to follow along with an overall unique and somewhat stubborn breed. You always see me with higher drive dogs, so lets see if we can get a dog like an Akita to understand obedience.

The other dog you’ll meet later, Siggy a very cute and fun Belgian Malinois puppy. Both unique! But I think showing you this contrast in puppies will give you a great insight into training your puppy!

Make Learning Fun For Your Puppy and He’ll Love to Train!

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