As we follow Max, the Akita, along his training, today I bring to you lesson #2. This is exactly one week later and Joey has been doing his homework. Max is engaging better and it’s time to start adding more into the lessons.

Today we add the PLACE command, reinforce the HERE or COME and then start to work with Max’s positions of STAND, DOWN and SIT. I also talk about proper corrections.

The interesting thing in this series is the differences you’ll see working with a green puppy who is a bit stubborn compared to a dog like Goofy or a puppy like Siggy, as a young, higher drive Malinois. I think these lessons are some of the most valuable lessons here. Getting these basics understood by the puppy will go a HUGE way to making the puppy into a good dog! Remember, everything you see here taught to the puppy is something you can teach to a dog at any age!

This lesson is quite long and contains a lot of information. I would prefer if you could break this up into a few lessons for yourself. There’s enough information in this one video lesson to keep you busy for a few weeks. Don’t over-push your dog. Take your time and be fair to your dog. The exercises in this video contains things you’ll be doing for the next several months with your puppy.

In the final part of this lesson, I introduce Max to Jimmy, our black Labrador retriever who is a perfect neutral dog to introduce a puppy to. I STRESS that you only introduce your puppy to neutral or safe dogs. Positive experiences are the key to success in getting a puppy to develop into a well balanced dog!


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