Obedience, Corrections & Tug With Harold and Rio – Part 2

In last week’s lesson I worked with Harold and Rio on the game of tug and how we can use it to teach Rio more obedience and to speed things up.  Well they’ve been working on their dance and it looks quite good.  I have a video of it at the end of this weeks lesson.

What we also worked on was obedience and timing corrections.  A few weeks back I did a lecture on the timing of corrections, if you haven’t watched that, I urge you to go and watch that before you do anything else.  Timing your corrections is the difference between communicating with your dog and frustrating the dog!

In this lesson you’ll see the importance in timing your corrections properly and punctually.  Giving your dog too much time to falter will create a sloppy obedience routine.  At the end of this lesson you’ll see a great session with Goofy showing great tug play and the obedience that can be achieved with it.

This weeks lesson is really a 2 parter: First we really cover the concept of correcting our dogs properly and fairly with the information they need to succeed – and then in part 2 we do a quick TUG LESSON with Goofy and Harold.

Proper Corrections Give your Dog the Information to Succeed!

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