Using a prong collar on your dog can have incredible benefits if done properly, but done incorrectly, your dog may become afraid or even more reactive.  In this lesson I work with Troy and his beautiful mastiff Sadie on a few things.

After a little chatting I came to find out that Sadie sulks when the prong collar comes out.  This could be in part because the prong wasn’t introduced properly.  Prong collars, also known as pinch collars are one of the best tools to help a dog understand control -that means that YOU are in control.  Getting a dog to understand that we are in control helps the dog feel safe and that makes your relationship much better.

If the prong collar isn’t introduced with the use of leash pressure, it’s a crap shoot if the dog will truly understand how they should respond to it.  The problem with that is that the dog often responds in a counter productive way.

This lesson really outlines the proper use of leash pressure using a prong / pinch collar.  In the end of the video I chat with Troy a little bit about some other concerns that I think you will also find very helpful!

Use Improperly, the Prong Collar Can Make Your Dog HATE You!

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