Puppies First Lesson – All the Basics

These really are my very favorite type of lessons to post, because they cover so much.

Ellen has been a friend of mine for many years and I have helped her in the past with other dogs / labradors she’s brought home. That’s why I was so excited when she called me and said she just got a new puppy. I asked her if she would consider letting us film it and she agreed! That was AWESOME.

What you will see in this series, yes I said series, is everything from day one forward. Currently I think we’re on Week / Lesson 7, so I will be posting these regularly.

The big issues lots of dog owners have is those first few sessions: Just what do you do about this or that? How do you teach the basics to this and that? All of that will be covered here with Mellow and Ellen.

Today’s lesson covers so much including: COME, DON’T JUMP, PLACE COMMAND, DOWN as well as many of this very important FIRST THINGS we need to consider with new puppies. It’s a long video, almost 40 minutes, so sit back and enjoy it once through before you begin to start putting it to practice. Lots of wisdom in our conversation as well! Enjoy!

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