Puppy Basics – down, heel, stay, no jump, soft mouth & more.

Here we are on lesson #3 with Mellow the awesome Labrador Retriever puppy and her mom Ellen.

As you can see, in week 3, she’s starting to take to the training and understand that “training is fun!” Continuing to focus on the basics is the key to success, as you will see in this series. It’s about giving your dog the tools to thrive… make training fun and the dog will love training. Learning will happen when the dog enjoys the experience.

There are so many things covered in training, it’s hard to list them all here, but to try… we cover: Heeling, DOWN, SIT, Soft Mouth & so much more. Really, I want you to understand what we’re doing here is teaching our puppy to learn. Forget about perfection at this point and focus on building a relationship that will last a lifetime!

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