Puppy Basics (Heel, Recall, Distractions, etc)- Max Lesson 4

As we continue to follow Max and Joey along with their training, we see some progress and a few things to fix. This lesson will give you a few things to work on and will show you a good sequence of things you can do with your puppy or dog.

Getting Joey to clearly communicate with Max has been really easy because Joey is a song and direct person. I give him a couple of pointers that make all the difference. The main on is not to use the dog’s name as a correction and also to avoid telling the dog NO when he doesn’t know what he should be doing.

In this lesson well talk about fixing the heel, recall and come, getting a distracted dog’s attention as well as back, fixing a corked sit and the concept of corrections.

It’s a great “Join the Lesson” as it will help anyone struggling with a more stubborn dog! Enjoy!


Keywords for this lesson: engagement, heeling, puppy training, recall, come, distractions, sit, back, corrections

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