Puppy Engagement with Nello

Building a solid relationship with your puppy means getting the puppy to look at you and engage with you.  But the big question is, “How do we do that?”  Do we use treats? Toys? Compulsion? What if the puppy chooses not to pay attention or finds something else more interesting?

In this online dog training lesson I address this issue with a new puppy. Nello has an issue focusing on his owners and it is one of the reasons that I worked with him.  We took him to a big park with lots of smells and distractions.  Building the engagement was a game changer for Nello and it is a great lesson for any dog / puppy owner.

A big thank you to Walter and Marion for bringing Nello to me to train!

Being Close is Fun – Being Away is Not Fun!

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Lesson Includes

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