Siggy Lesson 8 -Flirt Pole – Heeling – Retrieving

As we progress along, you’ll see I add more and more into each lesson.

This is our 8th session / week together, so you can see the progress that Siggy and Yossi have made. He understands the basics and is eager to learn more. So there are three components to this video / lesson.

  1. I start with the flirt pole because Siggy has had some issues with confidence in biting, so getting him excited and adding some prey drive to the game makes it more palatable for him. This is where genetics come in and aggression / confidence is not his strong side, so we make it a game. We’ve worked on his bite / grip for some time and I will make a complete video on his development at some point.
  2. Once we have Siggy engaged with move into heeling and front positions. This entails moving into he heel position as well as following along in the HEEL. This will help you a lot if you are struggling here.
  3. Retrieving is one thing that so many people struggle with. So I thought to add it to this lesson because Yossi was having some questions on this as well. You’ll see that I break this into two parts, one with my favorite game 2 BALL and then I switch it over to a retrieve with a trade at the end.

This lesson gives you an idea on the kind of things you can be working on with your young puppy. He’s just around 6 months old here and about 8 weeks in to training.

Enjoy this phase of your puppies life, because it doesn’t last long enough 🙁


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