Siggy Puppy Lesson 4 – Jumping – Tunnel – Engagement

As we continue on with our Ultimate Puppy Series with Siggy and Max, I’m excited for this lesson. Here you’ll see how I may add a bunch of different stuff into one training session. This keeps training exciting for a young puppy and gets their paws wet. I like to introduce young puppies to many things early on and then start to focus on specifics. This keeps the puppy more engaged than just focussing on one thing that might get boring for the puppy.

In today’s session you’ll see me introduce Siggy to so many things, and please not that I take breaks between every one. O the puppy is not training for more than 10 minutes at a time. In between you can take a break, check your email, train your other dog, etc. Even Goofy, Maya and Duane rarely, if ever train, for more than 20 minutes without a break and they are quite advanced.

I think your biggest take-away from this puppy series will be the week to week – lesson to lesson change in each of the puppies.

I intentionally left the tug issue in this lesson. When I first started with Siggy, I thought he would never TUG. I questioned his ability, but stayed true to my way. We would constantly re-introduce tug in short periods in each session. You’ll see soon, how it did work. Take a lesson from that with your dog / puppy.

Each week there’s more being brought into the puppies training and staying the course with your dog will help them succeed.

If you have not seen day 1-3, PLEASE watch them first. This series will be most beneficial if you watch it in order.


Keywords for this lesson: puppy training, jumping, socialization, obedience, first steps, puppies, heeling, between legs

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