Siggy Puppy Lesson #6 – Place, Engagement, Distractions & more

Siggy’s lessons continue and start to get a little more intensive. This is our 6th lesson over 6 weeks and Siggy’s wheels are starting to really turn. He’s loving the training and learning a lot.

As you know, these lessons cover every part of the lessons. The YouTube versions are edited very short, so if you came here after seeing the YouTube version, you’ve got a lot more to learn.

In today’s lesson we really try to get Yossi’s energy up to keep Siggy more engaged in the training. One of the biggest mistakes handlers make is lacking the enthusiasm it takes to train a dog. And that will squish your dog’s spirit and desire to train.

This lesson is in 3 parts.
1. engagement and heeling as well as downs.
2. place with the distraction of Duane. and …
3. the basic positions of STAND, DOWN and SIT

I think you’ll love this lesson and will learn a lot from it!



Keywords for this lesson: puppy, heeling, distractions, place, positions, malinois, siggy, puppy training

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