Siggy’s First Training Day – 9 Week Old Puppy

This is another lesson in the Puppy Series. In this lesson I introduce you to Siggy, a young Belgian Malinois puppy that is quite different than Max, the Akita that you met in the previous lesson. I thought the dynamic between these two would give EVERY single member something to draw from. Max is stubborn and low energy, Siggy is playful, high drive and go-go-go.

Everyone will be able to get something out of one of these puppies that will apply to your puppy / dog.

This is my very first time meeting Siggy and I thought it important to show you this before the first formal lesson. Here’s a dog I’ve never met or touched… so what do I do? In this lesson you’ll see how I start, how I engage, what I teach, what I look for, how I encourage, motivate, guide and correct a young puppy.

One of the most common question is, “When do I start training my puppy?” The answer… NOW!


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