Sonny Pt. 3 – Out of Control to Obedience

This is the 3rd of a three part series I did with Sonny and Ben. Ben contacted me because Sonny had some severe issues with Ben: lunging, barking and acting out of control. We worked though this in the past two sessions and a little more in this session. This whole training took place back in 2021, just finishing the series today.

As you can see this takes time and you make even regress a little bit in each session. However, and this is the big piece, I checked in with Ben yesterday and Sonny is doing great. He’s actually training in Mondio Ring Sport now. I will post a follow up video in the community section soon.

Thank you Ben for giving Sonny the structure he needed. He could easily have ended up given up on and in a shelter or worse! He’s a happy, thriving dog now thanks to Ben’s work!

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