Teaching Puppies to Learn – Max Day 3

As Max’s learning progresses, we start here with day 3. Joey has been doing really well at his homework as you’ll see in today’s lesson.

Max is progressing nicely, but there are a couple of mistakes that Joey’s making. This is the value in these “Join the Lesson” video lessons…. you really get to see the mistakes that you are prone to make. Seeing this and understanding how to correct these simple things will make a world of difference in your own dog training, whether you’re training your own dog or a client’s dog!

It’s all going to be about communication and timing. A clear, concise command is worth more than most anything else. You’ll see that when we’re teaching Max his PLACE command. Too much dialog can confuse the young puppy.

In the section where we’re teaching some duration on the down, you’ll see me pushing Max’s shoulders down. I’ve shown this in previous videos, but want to stress it again here. You MUST push the shoulders back toward the hips… NOT STRAIGHT DOWN. That is the biggest mistake most people make in this exercise.

The rest of the lesson will really guide you along. PLEASE, be aware this is a long lesson. It’s probably not something that you should tackle in one session with your dog. Take a few of the exercises out and try them, then go on. You must be careful not to overload your young puppy.


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