This lesson is a great study in how dogs should get and how they shouldn’t.

You might remember RED, the Malinois mix that is owned by Will. Will has done an awesome job with Red, who had some issues with other dogs. I see Will and Red in the neighborhood and am so impressed by their progress.

In today’s session Will asked that we look at how Red and Nitro meet and play. I asked them to meet as they normally would and ignore the fact that I’m there. What you see is what you see. This is exactly how I would NOT do it. Tough to say, since these two know each other and have met and played before.

It’s important to note that dogs can play fine many times and then suddenly have an issue and not play fine any more. This is almost always caused by a bad experience… which can be the result of excessive drive, frustration and more. This lesson will give you some valuable insight!

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