Around the Clock

The STAY command is one of most challenging things we teach our dog, and usually it’s done incorrectly. Dogs learn through specific patterns and this lesson will teach you how to teach your dog these patterns. I’ve taught this before in other videos, but never like you’ll see here. I used this technique in my private practice for years and with my personal dogs, but as members, I’ll share it with you here. Complete in 2 detailed videos… including the successes and the failures.

To Begin

What you want to imagine is the face of a clock with you facing 12 o’clock and your dog facing you which means he or she is facing 6 o’clock. Your goal in the game is to be able to walk around the clock; from 6 o’clock all the way around till you get back to the 6 o’clock mark. This will be very evident when you watch the video with the graphic.

I start this out very very slowly with new dogs. For the sake of the video I shot these videos in one take just to show you the issues you will face. I would strongly suggest that you take your time and only move a few ticks a day and within 2-3 days you should accomplish the entire “Around the Clock” sequence.

"Around the Clock"

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