Timing Corrections and Rewards in Marker Training

The single most important thing to develop a solid relationship in dog training is the ability to read a dog.  The next, and almost equally important thing is to be able to communicate with your dog.  This is done be timing rewards and corrections.

I believe that most people who struggle in training their dogs, or clients dogs, are people who are just slightly off on their timing.  I remember years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who plays in a famous rock band.  He said when it comes to music, there are only a few places when you’re off key.  There are actually more places to be on, than off.  But when you’re off, you’re really off!

Dog training is quite similar, if your timing is only a tiny bit off, your timing is WAY off.  And, if it’s off, you’re not communicating with your dog.

In this weeks lesson, I address this timing issue.  This lesson will be a staple to anyone who wants to understand the very fine points in timing and rewards.  Timing is everything.  I learned and practiced this in my past careers as a martial artist and photographer.  If you’re off, you either get hit or miss the shot!  Dog training has a lot of similarities.

I think this will be one of the most valuable lessons….  please take this seriously!

Without corrections, you are withholding a valuable learning tool from your dog!

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