Training at Home in SMALL Spaces

Training at home can be a help, and also a hindrance. I like to train a lot of foundations and basics at home before I ever even go to a park, but the space is often small and can be challenging. So, I thought to make a video lesson for you to show you how and how. much I can train in my own backyard.

In this video I take Duane our young Labrador retriever into the backyard and show you some tips for training.


  1. Train all basics at home / in your backyard before you go to the park.
  2. Your backyard should have little to no distractions, so don’t get too used to it.
  3. Focus on basics and engagement.
  4. Be picky about your techniques as well s your dog’s techniques.
  5. Make training fun for your dog so he or she will want to keep training
  6. Don’t OVERTRAIN! Keep it short and exciting!

Training MUST Be FUN
or else… why do it?!

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